Ghz. Frequency Control Column and Row Address in Computer Memories

The attached image depicts SCR arrays, intended to control the row and column address in modern computer memories. It’s a proposed system that uses a square wave generator in a frequency control process, that sequentially accesses binary data storage sites in computer memories. An electrical charge is produced on two reverse biased PN junctions by two conducting SCRs, and stored as “activating charges” for the next SCRs triggering. During the square wave zero current half cycle, low current “drop out” opens the conducting SCRs and allows the stored charges to activate their adjacent SCRs, in this frequency control system.
Both column and row arrays trigger their SCRs in this manner, and direct a Read or Write signal to a site for storage or recall. And both column/row conduct the same square wave.
It is necessary to use four arrays of SCRs, two arrays each to separate Read/Write functions.
At the ends of each array, the triggering charges are circuited to the “beginning” SCRs, and repeat the “addressing” as necessary.
The attached sketch shows this four sided array system for separate Read/Write functions. Note: for complete addressing of all storage sites, it’s is required that there be one more column than row, or vicesa-versa. A sketch will follow.

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